3 Luxury Fashion Trends To Invest In This Year

If there is one thing we’re all guilty of, it’s seeing a celebrity sport the piece of clothing you’ve been hoarding in your online shopping cart and finally feeling justified in actually making that purchase.

Whether it be seeing a new season Saint Laurent hobo bag on Hailey Bieber or having Rosie Huntington-Whitley prove why you need a pair of Chanel dad sandals in both a black and beige, we can’t help but shop our next luxury fashion purchase after seeing it get the tick of approval from our favourite A-lister.

But who do celebrities turn to when they’re in need of style advice ahead of dropping part of their pay cheque on a luxury purchase?

Enter: Gab Waller, an Australian-born, LA-based personal shopper who has transformed sourcing hard-to-find luxury pieces into a lucrative business.
With clients including Hailey Bieber and the Kardashians, the personal shopper certainly has her finger on the pulse when it comes to the designer pieces worth coveting, the ones to avoid and the must-have staples that are about to blow up.

And Gab knows the effect her sourcing has on people as well.

“It just takes one person or a few people to start wearing something for a piece to gain momentum. Someone just has to post about it then boom, suddenly everyone wants something,” she tells ELLE Australia.

With Waller in town to officially launch Sydney Airport’s new luxury fashion destination, Syd X, we caught up with the style savant to find out how luxury fashions are evolving in 2023, and the trends that are worth investing in this year.

If you hadn’t noticed by now, fashion is in its quiet girl era.

What we mean by that is rather than maximalist and over-the-top styles drenched in mixed prints and colour (hello: 2020 dressing), designers are prioritising creating minimalist staples that can elevate any look.

And it’s one thing that Gab thinks will only accelerate this year.

“We really are entering this space of quiet luxury,” Gab tells us.

“I think previously, within the luxury space it was quite common to have very loud logos and things like that whether that, whether it was on a leather jacket or on a bomber,” she adds.

“Looking to the year ahead. I think quiet luxury and minimalistic staples is what we’re going to be seeing a lot more of. That overly done, logomania that we’ve previously seen in the luxury space will kind of decrease in upcoming collections.”

As for the staples she’s noticed are becoming more popular? The highly sought-after LOEWE puffer bomber jacket that she sourced for Hailey Bieber back in December and any Celine jeans.

This trend shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been keeping up to date with both the international runways and the celebrity style set.

From Kendall Jenner and Bottega Veneta single handily making wearing stockings instead of pants actually appealing, to Versace brining back corsets and almost every designer in New York leaning into lace and slip dresses, there’s no telling how far this trend will go.

Gab says it’s one she’s interested in exploring further this year.

“We saw it from The Row and even Kendal Jenner who has been heavily trying to that lingerie dressing by literally wearing stockings as pants,” Gab tells us.

“To me, it’s such an interesting trend, but it seems to be gaining momentum. So, I do think that’s potentially something that I am keeping an eye on.”

As for what else Gab is noticing growing in popularity? Inflation-inspired puffy pieces.

“Prada has just come out with a new collection of puffy pieces within the past month or so and that’s one we’ve certainly got our eyes on that we believe is going to get bigger and bigger in terms of popularity.”

Regardless of whether you’re a style savant or fashion novice, 2023 is undoubtedly going to be a big year for fashion—especially considering how much movement there is at the houses at the moment.

From big names like Daniel Lee and Phoebe Philo making their return to the runway, to the future of lauded innovators like Alessandro Michele and Riccardo Tisci not yet clear, all eyes are on the luxury houses with baited breath.
That’s not even mentioning the debuts for Sabina De Sarno and Pharrell at Gucci and Louis Vuitton respectively.

More so than ever will there be this unparalleled level of interest on these houses, and more so these designers, so Gab advises shopping these pieces while they’re hot off the runway.

“Phoebe is a great example because still to this day I receive a lot of sourcing requests for old Celine,” Gab explains. For the record, Phoebe Philo left Celine in 2018 and hasn’t put out a collection since.

“Her coming back into the fashion space will be the breaking the internet moment of 2023 from a luxury fashion standpoint,” she adds.

“But, looking back even 20 years ago and beyond for Tom Ford for Gucci, these collections hold power so going into the future I think that they’re going to retain their value because it’s a moment in fashion history.”

Who knew a history lesson could be so chic?

Plus, if you’re lucky enough to be the owner of a piece from a specific designer’s debut collection, not only will you own a part of the fashion archive, but will be minting your own vintage in years to come.

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