Bobbi Brown, 65, Reveals the Beauty Product She Calls Her ‘Personal Favorite’

Photo credit: Michael Loccisano - Getty Images

Photo credit: Michael Loccisano – Getty Images

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Bobbi Brown is chock full of makeup advice—whether offering up her face-transforming makeup tips for women over 50 or tricks for reviving tired-looking skin, the 65-year-old is a beauty expert for a reason. Now, she tells Prevention that one of her top tips for women over 45 (beyond exercise and staying hydrated) is to focus on “luminosity.” How does she do this? By using her beauty brand’s, Jones Road Beauty, Miracle Balm in the shade Magic Hour.

Brown says there are multiple ways to achieve a luminous complexion. “What gives luminosity for us is anything from the Miracle Balm to one of the moisturizers,” she explains to Prevention. “My personal favorite is the Magic Hour which gives this luminosity on the cheek.”

The Miracle Balm embodies “no-makeup makeup,” according to the brand. The sheer, lightweight formula moisturizes and nourishes as it adds a natural wash of color for the perfect skin-like finish. It’s a great addition to an everyday makeup routine to be worn on its own, or on top of foundation. Best of all, it applies just as well with fingertips as it does with a brush or sponge.

Ultimately, it’s her go-to product. “Sometimes I only put that on when I just need to look better or I put it on at the end [of my makeup routine],” she says.

Brown has been touted the Miracle Balm in the past, having said in a Tiktok earlier this year that it makes cheeks “pretty, pretty, pretty.”

Makeup-enthusiasts rave about the product, too. “I am a gal who wears very little and doesn’t like to look like I’m wearing makeup,” one reviewer writes. “This is perfect for that! A little goes a long way and it’s basically all I wear now.”

Another satisfied customer says the balm “adds just a little something extra that makes any makeup or no makeup look more amazing!” And, one reviewer enjoys Magic Hour just as much as Brown does, writing: “Magic Hour is the perfect name for this…magical look for sure!”

With Brown’s recommendation and shoppers’ approval, we’ll definitely be stocking up on the beauty must-have. Shop more of her favorites below.

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