Ex-hoops standout turned fashion design star Desyree Nicole to visit alma mater EMU

FOX 2 (WJBK)Eastern Michigan is kicking off its National Girls and Women in Sports Day with a special guest who’s been featured on Netflix and who has designed clothes for NFL and NBA players.

Former Eastern Michigan womens basketball standout turned fashion star Desyree Nicole, sat down with Brandon Hudson to talk about it.

FOX 2: “What makes a woman who is playing basketball at the top of her game, say, ‘Let me see what this fashion is about?’”

Desyree: “I would say life.”

The journey of life has brought fashion designer Desyree Nicole from basketball star in Ypsilanti – to New York – to Atlanta – and on Wednesday, a full-circle homecoming at Eastern Michigan.

FOX 2: “What does it feel like when you step on campus, what was that feeling?”

“Completely nostalgic,” she said. “I was running my fiancée pretty much through everything I can remember. Like, ‘Oh my gosh, I used to eat here. Let’s get breakfast here.’”

In 2015 not long after graduating from EMU, Desyree became a stylist. Four years later – she built her own brand.

She was featured in season two of the Netflix show “Next in Fashion” and opened her own storefront — Todd Patrick, which is named after her brother.

Desyree described the moment as almost surreal.

“Weird. It was actually a very weird moment,” she said. “It’s like you’re in the moment, but you don’t realize it’s happening, but everyone’s like ‘Oh my God …’ but we’ve been on the journey already.”

Desyree continues to blaze a trail for up-and-coming fashion designers and women of color in the industry.

“We, too, are supposed to be there in those spaces, in those conversations, in those positions; especially when ownership is involved,” she said. “I think we have been at the pinnacle and epicenter of a lot of inspiration for companies. And I don’t think it’s far-fetched we should be running them.”

FOX 2: “You’ve opened your own brick and mortar (store), you’ve got your own business, you’ve been on Netflix, you’re engaged. Where are you in the journey?”

“I think I’m right in it, if that makes sense. I don’t think I’m at an endpoint, or at a peak,” she said. “I just think I’m in the mix enjoying life.”

Manifesting a path from Waterford to new heights in life.

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