Here’s How to Get Hailey Bieber’s New Strawberry-Glazed Donut Nails

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Since the Hailey Bieber invented a new meaning for ‘glazed donut,’ reminding us to keep our skin glowing every time we eat a sweet treat, the model has added a bit of glaze to everything, fingertip included. And she’s not afraid to try new donut nail” class=”link “>glazed donut nail flavors, serving grape purple, neon green apple, and now, strawberry-glazed donut nails.

Mrs. Bieber has been showing off her strawberry-glazed donut nails — which, thanks to its rosy tint reminds us of the sunburnt blush trend — on social media. Starting on August 5, Bieber’s strawberry-glazed donut nails began to take over her Instagram and TikTok, as well as that of her skincare brand, Rhode. As beauty fans already are in love with the glazed nail trend Zola Ganzorigt created for Hailey at the 2022 Met Gala, the new version became an instant hit.

Rhode posted a snapshot duo on Instagram of their founder that included a video of Hails applying the brand’s peptide lip treatment with a fresh manicure. This pale pink, glossy manicure is so sheer, you might mistake them for the original silvery chrome version of the trend. But once you gaze at them for a while, the baby pink hue starts to pop. Giving us the expert advice we needed, Zola dropped an IG video tutorial that coined the term, “strawberry glazed donut nails.”

The process of creating Hailey’s strawberry-glazed donut nails at home looks similar to Zola’s original glazed nail tutorial. Ganzorigt starts off by applying a layer of her go-to gel polish base, OPI’s Stay Strong Gel Base Coat. Next, she used Presto Gel Polish #098, a neutral, baby pink shade that seamlessly blends into the natural nail bed color, creating a subtle boost of rosiness. Then she applied OPI Professional’s Stay Shiny Top Coat before adding on the magical glaze powder (aka OPI Chrome Effects Mirror Shine Nail Powder). If you have trouble recreating the sheerness of color at home, Zola recommends mixing the Presto pink polish with a clear gel polish to get the same level subtleness as Hailey’s strawberry glaze.

The finished look is an understated, soft version of the positively glowing nail trend. BRB — stalking Zola and Hailey’s socials to see when our next limited-edition glazed donut flavor will debut.

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