Hey Harper jewelry review: Why we love this waterproof jewelry brand

I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty lazy when it comes to caring for my jewelry. I have second hoops that I wear all the time, which are gold, and an ear cuff that I also wear while showering and going about my day. I also wear my necklaces pretty much daily, which means they’ve acquired their fare share of tarnishing. I have to coat the majority of the rings I purchase with clear nail polish (for more info on that, check out our hack).

Given all of that, when I shop for jewelry I typically go for durability, as well as style. I was excited to see that Hey Harper offers water- and sweatproof jewelry, since that’s been a problem for me in the past. I tried out a few pieces that I might wear day-to-day, like a pair of basic hoops and a gold ring—I also left everything in tubs of soapy water for several hours, just to see if the waterproofing was as robust as the company claims.

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What is Hey Harper?

Hey Harper is a jewelry retailer that sells waterproof, sweatproof gold and silver jewelry staples, from necklaces to everyday earrings. It’s worth mentioning that Hey Harper’s jewelry is, for the most part, stainless steel coated with 14k gold color PVD. PVD refers to physical vapor deposition, meaning that the stainless steel has been vacuum coated with a layer of gold and (likely) titanium nitride, in order to give it its gold coloring and polished finish. If you get silver jewelry, all the silver pieces are actually stainless steel.

In terms of selection, Hey Harper has a wide range of staple pieces, like simple chain necklaces and bracelets, to statement pieces like bold rings and elaborate hoop earrings.

How did we test Hey Harper?

An image of a Hey Harper jewelry box in silver with a gold necklace nestled inside on a pink felt bag, accompanied by a blue felt bag on the outside with a gold ring and a pair of gold hoop earrings sitting on it. A Care Guide insert sits next to the jewelry.

Madison Durham

Hey Harper’s packaging (and jewelry) impressed.

To test Hey Harper, I wore the jewelry everyday for a week, including while showering and washing dishes by hand. I tested the Nassau necklace, the Marbella ring, and the small hoop earrings. I was impressed most by the Nassau necklace—ordinarily, I’m not a fan of thicker chain necklaces, especially since I tend to err toward jewelry I can wear everyday, but the Nassau necklace laid very comfortably against my skin and was comfortable to wear to sleep and shower in.

Overall, while wearing Hey Harper’s jewelry day in and day out, I didn’t notice any kind of tarnishing or dulling, even when I was really working to prompt it by scrubbing hard against the pieces with a sponge, or leaving them in soapy water (which I don’t recommend you do to your jewelry, on principle). The earrings and ring retained their shine, and the necklace was beautiful to wear all throughout the testing period, and held up when there was shampoo and soap and even makeup coming into contact with it.

What we liked

The packaging and the care guide

Hey Harper’s packaging was perfect. The jewelry came in an opalescent, silvery box with individual felt baggies for each piece, all of which I would happily reuse, either to store jewelry or to gift jewelry in. There’s very little to throw away when the package arrives, which is great if you prefer not to order online for fear of acquiring a glut of bubble wrap. The sneaky little care guide included is, by all rights, adorable. Its message? Don’t take care of your jewelry, take care of yourself. It’s part of the waterproof bill of sale for the brand, but it’s a cute touch that actually helps set your expectations for what you get.

The prices

Hey Harper’s prices are pretty standard for demi-fine jewelry, but the emphasis on waterproofing and ensuring that your jewelry will last makes it worth it. There are plenty of fine jewelry retailers (and demi-fine) that don’t prioritize keeping your everyday pieces looking out-of-the-box perfect, and for the price, Hey Harper seems like a great bet, especially given the wide variety of pieces offered.

What we didn’t like

The ring was a little uncomfortable

This is certainly a preference more than anything, but the interior coating or texture on the ring was a little uncomfortable for all-day wear. It wouldn’t have stood out to me, but the earrings and necklace were both so comfortable that it surprised me.

The messaging can be a little unclear

Solid gold jewelry is, technically, considered waterproof, though showering or wearing it in water for long durations or over long periods of time can cause it to dull. Hey Harper positions itself as the “original waterproof jewelry brand,” which is a big claim, but after a little digging we found that the brand also declares itself “anti-luxury” and prefers to stay away from the idea that jewelry has to be gold or expensive to last.

Should you buy Hey Harper jewelry?

An image of a hand wearing the Marbella Hey Harper ring in gold, and someone's neck as they wear the Nassau necklace in gold.

Hey Harper / Reviewed

We explored staple and statement pieces, like the Marbella ring and the Nassau necklace.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend the pieces I tried, especially for their price. After I tested Hey Harper, I immediately went back to the website and purchase a little green ear cuff that I’d had my eye on, based on my experience with the rest of the products. Especially for basics that you’ll wear constantly, I think it’s a solid bet.

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