How to start a jewellery collection: Tips from ex-DJ Maddy Barber of Madly Gems

For those who are just starting a fine jewellery collection and are still figuring out their preferences, however, she suggests exploring pieces with gems that are in their favourite colour or designs that gel with their personal style.

“Don’t mind other people’s opinions when it comes to something as personal as jewellery. Start with something that matches your style – one you’d enjoy and feel good wearing because then you’d wear it often, getting more mileage and joy from it. A ‘great buy’ isn’t so much about what you paid for it,” she added.

Many people may think that qualities such as timelessness, wearability, versatility and resell-ability are factors to consider when choosing a piece to add to their collection. That’s not wrong, if these happen to be important to the practical side of you. In truth, there really are no hard and fast rules here – you make your own rules.

Barber acknowledged that the best decisions are made with a balance of both the head and heart. “That said, because jewellery is an expression of art, poetry and romance and such, the heart plays or should play a much bigger role here. Just think back on an occasion when you came across a piece that you know is rare, valuable or a bargain, yet you passed on it because you just didn’t ‘feel it’? That’s the heart speaking,” she said.


“If there’s a certain gem colour you prefer, know that you can start your research online. Ultimately though, gemstones are best seen in person, against your skin tone, because what may look good on another may not look as good on you, and vice versa,” Barber advised.

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