I’m a catfish and here are my tips for convincing people you are pretty – you won’t need filters thanks to my easy hacks

LOOKING good can take a lot of work, with many people spending hours sitting in front of a mirror doing their hair and makeup.

While some are blessed with natural good looks and don’t wear any makeup to feel confident, others will spend their time experimenting with their makeup to boost their mood. 

Makeup artist known as Beauty By The Bee took to TikTok to show off her catfish makeup routine


Makeup artist known as Beauty By The Bee took to TikTok to show off her catfish makeup routineCredit: YouTube/Beauty By the Bee
The beauty fan showed how she applies makeup to highlight her features and make her face look sculpted


The beauty fan showed how she applies makeup to highlight her features and make her face look sculptedCredit: YouTube/Beauty By the Bee
We think she looks fabulous before and after makeup but she explained that makeup really boosts her confidence


We think she looks fabulous before and after makeup but she explained that makeup really boosts her confidenceCredit: YouTube/Beauty By the Bee

Thanks to a hilarious TikTok trend, we now know we’re not alone in our accidental catfishing.

That’s right, women are taking to the social media platform to share their most glamorous selfies, in comparison to how they look without the glam, in the viral ‘Catfish challenge’.

One woman, known as ‘Beauty By The Bee’ took to YouTube to share her catfish challenge.

The beauty fan uploaded her video with the caption ‘How to catfish people into thinking you’re pretty’. 

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The makeup artist said: “I walk you through a brown smokey eye and full face tutorial routine so you can catfish people daily, as I do, using makeup! 

“No filters needed when you’re good!

“I hope you enjoy this quick run through of my everyday makeup routine, including adding extensions, and press-on nails so you can see the full transformation. 

“We do full coverage foundation, highlight, contour, lips, and a smokey eye.

“This is really something everyone can do with just a teeny bit of practice.

“This hooded eyes tutorial can truly work for anyone, but if you have hooded eyes, this is perfect to have in your back pocket to catfish.

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“The winged liner really enhances your eyes and brings them up.

“This brown smokey eye tutorial is classic and can be used on any shape.

“If I can make myself look decent, anyone can learn how to look pretty.

“Whether you’re trying to learn how to be an instagram baddie, catfishing on tinder, catfishing on instagram, or just want to have a boost in confidence, I think you will enjoy this makeup tutorial!”

At the start of the video, we see the woman without makeup, prior to her full face makeup tutorial.

She explained: “If you’re like me and the only thing the gene pool gave you was hooded eyes and fine hair, then you need to figure out a way to make people like you, so continue watching, so you can catfish people into thinking you’re pretty.

“The most important part of every routine is the skincare – I already did mine so I’m going straight into makeup, but be sure to have a skincare routine.”

The beauty fan starts off with a blurring primer, as she said: “This will make you look like you don’t have huge pores.”

She then took a waterproof foundation which she mixed with a liquid bronzer.

She continued: “I like a lot of coverage so I pat it everywhere.”

Following this, she then added concealer under her eyes to cover dark circles and around her cheekbones and forehead, to highlight her face.

The YouTuber added: “A highlight brings everything forward so anything I want to stand out, I am going to put a highlighter on.” 

The makeup artist then sets her under eyes and forehead with a loose powder and next went in with bronzer to sculpt her face.

She advised: “Pull your hair back, go right into your hairline and then make your forehead disappear.

“Make it so dark that people don’t even notice it’s there.

“Contour that double chin right away.”

Following the bronzer she added blush and stated: “If you don’t add blush, you’ll look like a corpse. 

“I love blush, so go crazy.” 

She then used an eyebrow pomade to carve out and add definition to her eyebrows.

Following this, she used a makeup pallet to create a brown smokey eye. 

She explained: “It makes me feel my best, it makes me feel really confident.

“If you want to catfish people, you need to feel confident, so do a makeup look that you love.” 

To complete her eyes, she added a winged eyeliner, to pull her eyes up and then added large false eyelashes.

Finally, she added lip liner and lipstick and advised: “Just overdraw them the tiniest bit on the edge.”

To complete the look, the beauty fan added press-on nails and clip-on extensions.

She concluded: “This is something you can do on any occasion, if you’re catfishing on Tinder, if you’re catfishing on Instagram, if you’re catfishing on Facebook, catfishing on Plenty of Fish – wherever you’re catfishing, you can definitely make people believe that you are fine as hell.”

One person said: “I absolutely love this makeup transformation, it’s amazing”. 

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Another added: “Girl you are gorgeous whether you wear makeup or not!” 

A third commented: “I’ve never worn lashes but you have me wanting to try!!!” 

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