Is 90s fashion taking over from Y2K? These trends certainly look like it

To quote Miss Taylor Swift, “I come back stronger than a ’90s trend.”

Trends come and go and since the 2020s began, we’ve seen the reboot of Y2K everywhere we turn.

As much as we loved to see this era get its well-deserved revival in fashion, it looks like we’re about to step further back in time for the next set of trends.

30 years after its original debut into the fashion industry (yes, we feel old too), 90s trends are coming back onto the scene.

While we like to believe they never truly vanished, the iconic stand-out pieces that remind us of this time in history are popping up online and on the runway in their plentiful.

Think back to the days of spaghetti straps, bucket hats and crochet everything – these trends are back and looking better than ever.

Fashion is constantly evolving and old trends get revolutionised for the modern era, and this is the 90s time to shine.

We’ve picked a few of the trends you’ll be seeing a lot more of in the coming weeks and months, giving more inspo than you need to fill your wardrobe with.


Starting with the obvious, cargos aren’t going anywhere. If you’re anything like me and jumped immediately on this trend, don’t worry – your money hasn’t been wasted.

Cargos were a statement in the 90s and with the revival of these, we can not only relive the style but also the comfort.

We’ve seen a lot of this style among off-duty model looks and with Bella Hadid leading the way with them, we can’t argue.

Sheer and slip dresses

So much of the 90s were the dresses. Whether it was a completely sheer style or a spaghetti strap slip dress, you’ll be happy to know these are popping up in almost every high street store.

Zara is truly reviving the sheer dress with perfection, and you can’t scroll through ASOS without seeing a million and one slip dresses – not that anyone’s complaining.

Slip dresses were a huge hit at Milan Fashion Week and the SAG Awards red carpet saw a modern take on the sheer dress – their time is now.

Mom jeans

When we watch any show from the 90s, all we see anyone wear is a classic pair of high-waisted mom jeans.

Say goodbye to baggy jeans, we’re slowly resorting back to more of a straight-leg style and, thankfully, low-rise jeans were very short-lived.

Paris Fashion Week saw a massive influx of this style of jeans, and we all definitely still have our pair boxed away awaiting their return.

Cropped cardigans

Cropped cardigans are another trend returning to our lives – and Kendall Jenner is at the forefront.

Easy and versatile, we’re not entirely sure why this trend ever died. Now that it’s back, we can be equally cosy and stylish.

Pairing them with anything, cropped cardigans, skirts, dresses, jeans, cargos – need we say more?


The accessories of the 90s are back in full swing. Everything from choker necklaces and knee-high socks to bucket hats and headbands.

Prada has released a new and improved take on knee-high socks while leather chokers were huge in Christian Siriano’s Fall 2020 runway show.

Take a look at Beanie Feldstein at the Golden Globes for some headband inspo and a quick glance at Love Island will tell you all you need to know about bucket hats.

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