Jennie of BLACKPINK’s Beauty Tips to Achieve That Glass Skin

Jennie’s skincare routine is unsurprisingly simple but so effective. Here we look into how she manages to achieve and maintain that glass-glow skin.

Are you wondering how your favourite K-pop idols look magnificent at all times, even without makeup? Despite their hectic schedules packed with album releases, concerts and whatnot, these stars squeeze in time for pampering themselves. This includes religiously following a skincare regime because beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.

Members of the K-pop group BLACKPINK are admired (at times envied too) for their glass-like, luminous skin even on regular days. While most of us get drained consulting the best dermatologists and curating skincare kits, these icons look like modern-day Aphrodite and with such nonchalance.

One idol whose youthful charm amazes us all is BLACKPINK’s Jennie. The artist is acing the skincare game and how! Thankfully, Jennie has been generous enough to share her beauty tips/secrets on social media and interviews, and we can’t wait to try them. So, keep reading to know all about BLACKPINK Jennie’s skincare routine, which is relatively easy to implement daily.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie follows this easy and effective skincare routine

Double-cleansing for the win

Double cleansing means swabbing your face twice, first with an oil-based cleanser and rounding it up with a water-based counterpart. On the Korean show Get it Beauty, Jennie shared that double cleansing is a part of her skincare regime, ensuring no makeup goop left before heading to bed.

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jennie-relies-on-facemasks-for-that-unparalleled-radiance”>Jennie relies on facemasks for that unparalleled radiance

The BLACKPINK member once spoke about her heavy reliance on facemasks, using two facial packs a day to get improved results. However, she has reduced her usage of masks over time and switched to bettering her diet instead. Like Jennie, her fellow member Jisoo also practices masking.

Exfoliates skin with bath salts

Jennie’s self-care rituals go beyond her face and the idol is equally inclined towards body care. The idol uses bath salts to exfoliate her skin, following it up with a moisturiser to keep the smoothness intact.

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Jennie focuses on diet more than beauty products

While taking care of your skin on the surface level is essential, you can’t achieve a natural glow without sorting your diet. What goes inside your body ultimately reflects on your face, isn’t it? Jennie follows a healthy diet, starting off her day with a detox juice and chicken feet collagen soup.

Like other BLACKPINK members, Jennie doesn’t shy away from eating food without worrying much about weight. However, she tries to eliminate salty food to prevent bloating, opting for fresh and green juices instead. Her Instagram is proof!

Keeps skincare woes at bay by gymming

Working out not only helps achieve a well-toned body but improves blood flow and boosts overall mood, which ultimately reflects on your skin. Jennie treats fans with her flying yoga and Pilates sessions on Instagram, motivating all BLINKS to get their bodies moving.

The improved blood circulation helps in achieving clearer/ toxin-free skin. Working out also reduces cortisol which can further lessen stress-related breakouts.

(Hero and feature image credits: jennierubyjane/ Instagram)

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