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8. Strong lip or a strong eye? If I’m going to do anything really, I’m going to mess around with my lips. My favorite is the La Bouche Rouge Chloë Sevigny lipstick; it’s the perfect mix between vibrant red and orange. Sometimes I do a dark red, and for that, I like Dior Rouge Dior 760. I like lipsticks that you don’t have to get too perfect.

<strong>9. You’re having your nails done, what’s your go-to colour? I like the idea of being unmanicured, that’s kind of sexy. But when I’m working, it’s usually OPI Samoan Sand or clear polish. Sometimes to lighten the polish, I add some base coat and mix the two together. I learnt that on TikTok.

10. What is your beauty philosophy in a sentence? I think it’s the inner workings of yourself that can make you look beautiful and feel beautiful. My approach to beauty has always been about building layers from within. I’m really into a holistic approach: diet, acupuncture, a hot bath or infrared sauna, and using the outdoors as medicine—I love ocean swims the most.

11. What is your favourite lipstick colour? The Liplacq from Isamaya beauty is my new favorite lip product! It tingles on the lips and plumps them significantly. 

12. Candles, reed diffusers or nothing at all? I am such a homebody, home fragrances brings me a sense of comfort and warmth. I like Palo Santo and the Regime des Fleurs. The vessels are really nice too. I always like to recycle them as a place for my beauty brushes. My friend Yasmin Sewell has created the most heavenly fragrance brand, Vyrao. I love her candles and incense too. I buy them for all my friends.

13. If you could share one piece of beauty advice, what would it be? Nobody is perfect. I’ve learned it’s the imperfections that are the real showstoppers. I also believe that your appearance will shine brighter if you are happier in your day-to-day life. Oh, and always use SPF!! One of my biggest changes with ageing is staying out of the sun. I used to be a real sun worshipper, but I try not to stay out in it now.

14. What beauty product do you recommend to everyone? Rose Inc Softlight Luminous Hydrating Concealer. I use this a little bit like foundation. I blot it where I need it and then blend it out with a brush.

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