Pencils at the ready! Invest in education for life with our top 10 tips for students of all ages

As the summer winds down, it’s time to start thinking about term time. After weeks of letting off a little steam, your young ones should be ready to return to their routine.

Whether you’re looking to give your child a little extra help or to help get them ready for their working future, or are looking for that yourself, here are Checklist‘s top hacks around education.

Support your home schooling with hybrid distance learning 

A growing number of parents are deciding to take control of their children’s education by providing them with home schooling. If this is you, you’ll be well aware of the extra support you may need when you come across a subject your child finds difficult. 

At Oxford Home Schooling (OHS), they strive to give the parents who have decided on home schooling the support they need. Their team of Student Advisers are passionate about providing students with the support they need.

Part of the Oxford Open Learning Trust, a not-for-profit educational trust, Oxford Home schooling provide hybrid online and paper-based distance learning courses at key stage 3 (for children aged 11 to 14), international GCSE (for children aged 14 to 16) and A level (teens aged 16 to 18).

Supplying quality course materials developed by leading subject specialists both printed and online, the hybrid learning model has a host of benefits. 

It empowers students to develop their own mix of courses and study at their own pace. Support is also provided based on your agreed exam date rather than on a yearly basis.

All OHS students receive class-leading examination support, which became truly valuable during the pandemic. Also, since OHS are part of a non-profit, they provide excellent value for money.

The info: Click here to find out more about support for home schooling.

Embark on an education in gaming 

Even though us parents are quick to roll our eyes at our young ones spending too much time playing computer games, the industry continues to grow. 

Not only are there a growing number of opportunities in the creation and development of these games, but also in the playing of them. Esports are even rumoured to be making an appearance at the 2028 Olympics.

At Access Creative College (ACC), they’re eager to help a new generation of gaming enthusiasts develop their skills to become figureheads of the industry. Historically, the college has been known for its music courses that sent pop heavyweights on the track for stardom. Now, they’re also dedicated to helping future stars of esports, gaming and computing.

The Independent Training Provider have recently partnered up with Fnatic, one of the world’s most successful esports brands, on their esports education programme to support the future of the industry. The programme features real world networking within a supportive and inclusive environment, with FIFA commentator Richard Buckley on staff as their industry expert.

Currently, the biggest barrier students face in coming onto an esports course as opposed to a traditional college course is the lack of understanding of the opportunities and growth within the sector – usually by us parents. ACC want to change that.

And ultimately, if it turns out that a career as a professional esports player isn’t on the cards, students can still work towards a career in an industry they’re passionate about.

The info: Click here to discover more about courses in esports management. 

Put the style into stationery 

As a kid, the silver lining of the summer holidays coming to an end and heading back to school was getting a fresh new set of stationery. That fresh, new notepad made getting up to catch that first day a lot easier.

A mainstay of British stationery, Pukka Pads have been in the backpacks of school children here for over twenty years. Last year, they branched out from the shelves of stationery stores and launched their first direct-to-consumer site.

Now, everyone’s favourite notepads are available to buy directly from them. They offer almost 400 of their branded products, beyond notebooks to filing, post and packaging, revision cards, pens and pencils and more.

Your little ones can help improve their vocabulary with Pukka’s Vocab Book, perfect for learning words and meanings. Then, once exam time rears its head once more, their range of highlighters and revision cards are just the ticket!

To this day, Pukka Pads are still a British manufacturer and produce a large amount of their products right here in Bingley, West Yorkshire. While they do cater for the business sector, they’re always eager to bring a little spice to the stationery aisle with stylish products created with teens in mind. 

To give parents a little extra hand with the back-to-school period, they’re offering customers free shipping on orders over £25.

The info: Click here to shop and save 10% off your first order with code ‘DAILY10’.

Start a fresh career in a dynamic industry 

Question: are you Generation Logistics? Logistics is an industry that employs over 2.6 million people already, and yet most people have no idea it exists. It’s at the heart of our whole economy and offers massive opportunities for those looking to kickstart their careers, whether high-school leaver, recent grad or career changer.

The diversity of roles available is huge – everything from tanker drivers to robotics engineers – and includes all sorts of benefits, such as international travel and advanced progression. 

It’s certainly worth knowing that starting salaries are up to 67% higher than the national average – just one of the reasons why the sector has become such an attractive proposition.

Generation Logistics is a pioneering, industry-led, Government-backed campaign that aims to source a new generation of talent for the sector. 

The campaign has created an exciting online hub that not only works as a resource and education library for those who want to find out more about a career in the sector, but also hosts an active jobs board which lists live logistics opportunities from some of the biggest companies in the world, including Amazon, Tesco, Asda, DHL and more.

So, one more time, could you be Generation Logistics?

The info: Click here to start exploring exciting opportunities. 

Combat career uncertainty with coaching 

Are you or one of your children uncertain about the direction in which to take your career? Self-revelation and coaching could be the perfect solution.

At The Coach Place they provide expert coaching through an extensive roster of methods, from professional-grade scientific psychometric tests to interviews. They aim to equip their clients with the knowledge of what they need to progress in their career.

Unlike their competitors who operate on a brief-based basis, The Coach Place aim to provide a personal touch which allows clients to explore their needs so that they can get an informed quote on coaching. 

They’re keen to bridge the gap between what the clients think they need and what they actually need in order to develop in the working world. Their close relationships with their coaches enable them to effectively communicate the needs of their clients on a case-by-case basis. 

If you’re struggling with questions around your job-searching strengths and weaknesses, what your ideal role or career may be, and preferences in terms of work environment, then a coaching session could help straighten things out. Through an introductory interview, they’ll be able to combine your self-assessment with a person-to-person discussion around your goals and motivations. 

After completing the easy on-boarding process, you’ll start your journey with an accredited coach who’s well equipped to address the issues you’ve been facing. With the answers you’ve provided, your coach can get a deeper insight into who you are and deliver relevant advice from your very first session together.

The info: Click here to sign up for an introductory call to start your coaching journey.

Uniforms from the country’s largest school wear retailer

If you have young ones heading back to school, they’ll likely be spending most of the coming months in their uniform. It’s therefore important that you invest in garments that not only look smart but are made to last. Unlike fashion items, Stevensons uniforms are designed to be worn well over 400 times and to be passed down. So, pence per wear is far cheaper than fast-fashion items.

With almost a hundred years of experience, The Stevenson Group are the UK’s largest school wear outfitters with seven brands of both school uniforms and sportswear. Founded as a family business in 1925, the company now provide uniforms for 500 schools nationwide with their multi-channel service options. These include some of the country’s leading academic institutions, from new state schools to academies.

Stevenson School Uniform is dedicated to making the buying experience as easy as possible for parents, offering in-store and online retail experiences. 

There’s even an option to book fitting appointments in store to ensure one-to-one service and correct fitting uniform. 

When it’s time for PE, their sportswear brands XXV, Player Layer, PSL Sports and Viper 10 are sure to have all your child needs.

They also cater to sports clubs and teams across the UK, making buying the right kit as easy as possible.

The info: Click here to get your uniforms covered for the term ahead. 

Get certified to teach English abroad 

If you’ve ever considered taking on a career in education, one of the easiest first steps is getting qualified to teach English as a foreign language. With abundant opportunities to teach both at home and abroad, in person and online, it could be exactly the career you’ve been looking for.

The first step is getting qualified to do so. Luckily, Premier TEFL helps lead you through the process. They’re the leading provider of online and short TEFL/TESOL certifications that are trusted and respected by employers around the world.

The best part? No previous experience is needed. Make a decision to commit to something that could boost your earning power by getting certified and start a TEFL gig in as little as six weeks.

As providers of government regulated online TEFL courses, they are the go-to specialists in ESL teacher training. Budding English teachers can also opt to complete fully-organised instructor-led teaching practice, qualifying you for higher paying TEFL jobs. 

Upon graduating, those who’ve qualified can apply for paid semester teaching internships in 15 destinations and thousands of teaching contracts on their website.

Premier TEFL could be your way of embarking on a brand new career, helping students around the world to realise their full potential while getting closer to reaching your own. 

The info: Click here to see if your English is good enough for a TEFL job. 

Explore new opportunities in East London 

Whether you’ve just finished your GCSEs and are looking to take your next step or are later in your career and feeling like a change, getting a new qualification under your belt is always a good decision.

At New City College, they aim to help students realise their full potential. With opportunities that fit a range of aspirations, they encourage everyone that’s enrolled at their institutions to look beyond the now to see all they can achieve. 

Based in East London and Essex, the college has campuses in Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Redbridge, Epping Forest and Havering. They believe in their ability to nurture talent thanks to the deep roots they’ve created in various communities.

They offer a wide range of courses for local school leavers, SEND students, adults and those looking to advance to higher qualifications, with the vitality to help students break boundaries and think big.

For adults who are returning to education, they’ve removed or reduced fees wherever they can, meaning many of their courses are free. They are also flexible, to suit anyone’s schedule, and include part-time, evening and online study.

If you are a school leaver looking to go on to university, they send almost 1,500 students a year to university including to Russell Group universities, from Cambridge to UCL, King’s College London to Queen Mary.

Or, if you are looking to progress at work instead, they have relationships with many leading businesses in London and have helped their students secure highly sought-after apprenticeships in businesses. 

The info: Click here to browse their courses and enrol today.

A world-class education from home

Ensuring our children get the best education possible means they’ll have the best chance of achieving their full potential.

That’s why more and more parents are choosing Cambridge Home School Online. Established in 2002, the school’s teachers are some of the most qualified subject specialists in the world, hailing from top universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

Dedicated to getting the highest standards and academic results, every child at CHS Online will receive individualised pastoral support and guidance, as well as one-on-one success coaching, while studying a well-rounded, balanced and independent curriculum – including Art & Design and Music.

At the Primary Prep, children aged 8 to 10 will get off to the best start in English, mathematics, science, humanities and art.

Children aged 11 to 13 will hone their confidence and skills while gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding of their subjects in the Lower School, while in the Upper School, 14 to 16-year-olds will apply their knowledge to great effect in their chosen International GCSE exam subjects, thanks to expert teaching in small, inspiring and interactive classes.

And in the Sixth Form, A-level students will have the opportunity to attain the highest grades, enabling them to progress to the elite universities of the world.

But it’s not just about the academic side of things. Cambridge Home School Online is a vibrant and social school where students safely connect, socialise, collaborate, network and interact – inside and outside of lessons.

Places are very limited so don’t hesitate to enrol your child now.

The info: Click here to find out more about online schooling.

Join an academy and develop a trade 

Whether you’re feeling a little stuck in your current career, looking for more from life or would enjoy becoming your own boss, why not retrain in a new trade? Access Training’s nationwide academies provide professional trade courses that offer a way forward. 

If you have aspirations to become a Gas Engineer, Electrician, Plumber or Carpenter; Access Training are here to make it happen.

Each of their courses is designed to give you the skills you need to succeed, delivered by industry experts through a combination of unlimited online live learning and vital practical training at a local centre. 

Every student is supported from enrolment to employment with three years of guaranteed career support – an aspect unique to Access Training and available to everyone.

Their academies are helping people across the UK get trained and qualified in a professional trade and enrolment for September courses has already started. Reach out and speak to them today to discuss achieving your goals – thousands of people have already enrolled and changed their lives for the better.

The info: Click here to browse trade training courses. 

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