Seven lessons the Royal family’s women have taught us

Makeup artist Saffron Hughes, who collaborates with, has shared seven valuable beauty tips that we can learn from the women of the British royal family.

The female members of the royal family are globally recognised and their makeup is always impeccable. While being a part of the royal family may come with certain beauty standards, each of the royals has their own unique style.

Saffron Hughes, a professional makeup artist, has studied the makeup looks of female members of the royal family over the years and identified seven important lessons that we can incorporate into our own beauty routines.

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1. Two shade hair dying rule that Kate Middleton swears by 

According to beauty experts, Kate likes to switch up her hair depending on the season.

During summer, she adds natural honey-toned layers to brighten up her hair for the sun, while in winter, she goes back to her signature chestnut brunette.

However, she never strays too far from her natural hair colour, never going more than two shades darker or lighter.

The Duchess understands that sticking to similar colours helps maintain the most flattering look for her skin tone and minimises damage to her hair as there is no need for drastic bleaching to achieve the colour change.

2.  Ditch the powders to achieve a ‘princess’ glow 

Kate also chooses glowing foundation as an alternative for powders.

“The Princess of Wales always looks flawless and it starts with her glowing skin. Kate opts for glowy makeup instead of adding heavy powder.

“Overly matte makeup can settle into fine lines and exaggerate the appearance of wrinkles, but Kate opts for a sheer, glowing foundation or tinted moisturiser as an alternative.”

This results in timeless skin that gives the illusion of higher cheekbones and a youthful lift.

3. Your beauty routine in your 20s may not work in your 40s

During her university years, Kate’s signature look was characterised by thick black eyeliner, thinly-plucked eyebrows, and a matte complexion.

However, over time, she has made some changes to her beauty routine. She has abandoned tweezers and opted for laminated brows to achieve a fuller look that makes her look younger.

Additionally, she has replaced heavy powders with a glowing, tinted moisturiser. Finally, she swapped out thick eyeliner for a smokey eye look that widens her eyes.

Kate is a great example of how we need to adjust our makeup routine as we age and what worked in our 20s may not be as flattering for our complexion as we grow older.

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4.  When in doubt – smokey-eye and a nude lip 

Meghan Markle consistently follows a beauty routine that centres around a “smokey eye” and natural-looking lips.

Her version of the smokey eye is sultry and up-to-date, featuring thick false lashes to emphasise the look.

To replicate it, apply a creamy kohl eyeliner to the outer third of the eye and blend it using a pencil brush.

Use the same brush to apply the remaining product to the lower lash line, and finish by adding mascara and false lashes to the outer third of the eye.

5.  Opt for cream products instead of powders

According to reports, Meghan highly recommends the Nars ORGASM cream blush, citing that it provides an ideal rosy hue to add radiance to the face.

Rather than concentrating the product on the apples of her cheeks, Markle follows the natural contours of her face by applying the blush along the high points of her cheekbones.

One of the advantages of using a cream formula is that it reflects light better than a powder alternative, resulting in a more youthful, glowing appearance.

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6. Invest in your skin 

Camilla reportedly favours a facial cream that contains bee venom, which may come at a steep price of £85 per jar.

However, regular use of the cream has been credited with reducing the visibility of wrinkles and maintaining the freshness of her skin.

Other notable celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue have also been rumoured to use this product.

When we prioritise skincare, it can have a positive impact on the rest of our beauty routine, including how we apply makeup.

7. Wear a bold red lipstick, even if it goes against fashion rules 

Princess Anne has been consistently wearing a red lipstick for many years, despite rumours that bright lip colours are not traditionally favoured under royal protocol.

However, Princess Anne apparently disregards these expectations and continues to wear her bold lip colour with minimal additional makeup.

This approach allows her freckles and clear complexion to stand out in contrast. Princess Anne’s overall appearance tends to be understated on a day-to-day basis, which makes her bold lip choice even more of a high-fashion statement.

Compiled by Asanda Mbayimbayi

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