‘Stylist second, friend-brother first’: Sabi Christy on styling Shine Tom Chacko

It was around the time of the ‘Bheeshma Parvam’ movie’s promotion, that everyone started noticing the outfits of Shine Tom Chacko. The actor, who’s known for his exceptional acting skills and extremely lively interviews, started appearing in equally vibrant outfits. But little did anyone know that the credit for this goes to a Kasaragod man, Abdul Sabith popularly known as Sabi Christy. He is Shine Tom Chacko’s stylist.

Shine and Sabi have been close friends for the past two years. It is this personal rapport that makes it easy for Sabi to style Shine Tom Chacko. Initially, Sabi started styling Shine for promotional interviews, events and other public appearances. He has worked as the personal stylist of Shine in movies like ‘Vivekanandan Viralaanu’ and ‘Dance Party’.
So how did this man from Kasaragod come into Shine’s life? How’s he planning to style the Malayalam film industry in the coming years? Let’s hear from the stylist himself:

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Sabi Christy. Photo: Special Arrangement

Desires and heart are pure – Sabi Christy
‘Stylist second, friend and brother first’ – that’s how I would like to define my relationship with him (Shine). I met him for the first time two years ago, when one of our mutual friends asked me to get him a packet of cigarettes. So basically, I entered his life with a cigarette pack. I don’t encourage his smoking though. I used to style models for photoshoots. I like to style people according to their personality. After meeting Shine, I realised he is one of a kind artist who doesn’t have any arrogance of being a star. I got this kind of recognition and opportunities because of him. Since the promotional interviews of ‘Bhishma Parvam’, all his costumes have been styled by me. You may remember, the time when he ran off from the theatre, that is the very first outfit I gave him. I was the one who styled him for his engagement. 
My desires and heart are pure. So I’m sure all my dreams will come true.

Real fashion is not in Kochi but in Kasargod – Shine Tom Chacko
I believe that the character should only be seen on the screen as the characters he portrays. I had done no photoshoots before I met Sabith, but good outfits can make you look good. Everybody in the industry is stylish. I was the only one who repeated clothes and accessories I think. It has changed now. All these sunglasses, caps, watches, sneakers – it’s all his choices. The real fashion is actually in Kasaragod, not in Kochi. It is slowly reaching here.

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