The Rise of Influencers With ‘Day Jobs,’ Copenhagen Fashion Week is Evolving

Plus, the unexpected appeal of Costco fashion.

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These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Tuesday.

The rise of influencers with “day jobs
Brands are increasingly seeking to work with content creators who would not list “influencer” as their occupation. For the last decade, content creators have used parts of their everyday lives, like getting dressed or having dinner, to build content around. For someone who has a separate career to focus on, content often comes off less manufactured, and they tend to be more engaged with their followers. In a market crowded with full-time social media creators, these users with day jobs can be refreshing for both brands and consumers. Business of Fashion

Copenhagen Fashion Week is evolving
Since its inception, Copenhagen Fashion week has been a hub for fresh creatives to explore new ways of design. While Danish design has typically been categorized as colorful and bohemian, at least in comparison to its Swedish neighbors, CPHFW is beginning to see a new aesthetic. “Copenhagen is a city of many cultures–but not in the same way as Paris or New York–so I feel like there are more cultures being made up here,” designer Simon Wick told Vogue‘s Laird Borrelli-Persson. As more nontraditional approaches to fashion are being welcomed in the CPHFW space, Wick says, “it’s kind of what happened with McQueen in London in some way, where rebellion seemed to finally be accepted by the elite.” Vogue

The unexpected appeal of Costco clothing
In a world where people are obsessed with finding the best fashion deals, they need look no further than the piles of loungewear, cargo pants and skorts at discounted superstore Costco. TikTok users have been highlighting unexpected appeal of Costco clothing, with the search term “Costco clothing finds” having grown to nearly 2 billion views, while the hashtag #costcoclothes grew to over 4 million.  As social media embraces Costco almost 50 years since its opening, the company continues to prove its staying power. costco-clothes-affordable-fashion” data-ylk=”slk:Refinery 29″ class=”link “>Refinery 29

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