What’s behind the Big Red Boot celebrity fashion trend?

The Big Red Boots fashion statement has become impossible to miss.

What are the Big Red Boots?

The ‘Astro Boy’ boots, inspired by the Japanese anime character, saw its limited supply sold out just minutes after it became available on Brooklyn-based MSCHF’s website, yet people are divided on whether they make a great fashion statement or are just impractical. They cost about $350 dollars.

The boots are made from the same material as Crocs, the boat shoe. The boots have a shell made of TPU rubber and an EVA foam outsole and midsole. Some have complained that it can take more than 20 minutes to remove them.

A Tik Tok video showed a person trying to get the Big Red Boots off, which required help from a friend, with no success.

“Try at your own risk,” they wrote in the caption.

What is the appeal of the Big Red Boots?

The Big Red Boots blew up social media, with the hashtag #bigredboots grabbing a cool 27 million views on Tik Tok.

Style expert Melissa Garcia told Today that the boots are not for everybody.

“They’re not something your everyday man or woman is going to pull for when they’re getting dressed in the morning,” she said.

Who wore the Big Red Boots?

Hollywood celebrities are donning their big red boots for any occasion. Ciara, Lil Wayne, Seth Rollins, and more have been spotted out and about sporting MSCHF’s sold-out Big Red Boots.

Singer and entrepreneur Ciara rocked the boots with a ‘Thriller’-esque look, wearing an oversized black Michael Jackson t-shirt and matching black knee socks. Ciara posted a video of herself dancing in the outfit, with the Big Red Boots taking precedence.

“Best these boots have ever looked,” one fan commented.

“If I find anyone with these boots in the house, I’ll just make them flower pots,” said another.

Meanwhile, rapper Lil Wayne wore the boots on the set of his new music video featuring rapper NLE Choppa.

“It’s giving Ronald McDonald but I love you,” someone wrote in the comments. “Wayne take that […] off,” said another.

Rapper Coi Leray paired the boots with sheer tights and a black bodysuit when she performed at the Brooklyn Nets halftime show.

“Please make it stop,” one person said. “See she’s actually dope,” someone else chimed in.

Big Red Boots everywhere

WWE wrestler Seth Rollins even wore the Big Red Boots when he came out to the ring against The Miz and Austin Theory.

Social media influencer Wisdom Kaye wore the boots with purple Versace pants and a Louis Vuitton bag. Kaye posted a photo of himself side-by-side with ‘Astro Boy’, noting the uncanny resemblance.

“I didn’t do this on purpose but really cool nonetheless,” he wrote in the caption.

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